Zoe Bujeau


  • Zoe Marie Bujeau


  • Uktena Or Glasswalker, typically accepted by both


  • Born under a Theurge Moon


  • Kinfolk


  • Homid

Notable Traits

  • Delicate
  • No Clear Pure Breeding
  • Faint Creole Accent


==Information known to the Nation==
Born and raised in N'awlins, Zoe was raised among the garou, and had an uncanny gift since childhood to commune with the local spirits. Though she couldn't offer them the chiminage the Garou could, most took to her efforts well, as she paid tribute to those of the sprit's brood. Leaving mice for Owl, keeping a garden for Unicorn… that sort of thing.

Kin / family

  • Mother - Uktena Theurge [Deceased]
  • Father - Glasswalker Kin [Deceased]
  • Boyfriend - John Kimball

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==

  • Easily Distracted
  • Dislikes spending time with other people
  • She talks to herself, often
  • There's just something not right about that girl.
  • She can command the spirits on a whim, and they always do her bidding
  • Is really a necromancer
  • Is secretly the one who murdered her Parents, to keep them from stopping her progression in the ranks of the Wyrm.
  • She is slowly corrupting fellow Kinfolk to fall to the Wyrm at her side, John Kimball being her newest Target

== Quotes ==


==OOC Information==

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