Zachary Rhodes

Name: Zachary Rhodes

Deed Names: Sentinel

Breed: Lupus

Rank: Cub

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: (Fianna)

Pack: None

Physical Description / Notable Traits:

Zachary, in homid form, is a young man of about 16. His hair is long but kept to a decent degree. His clothes are slightly baggy providing him a bit more movement. In Lupus form Zachary is a trim red wolf. He moves quickly and has a keen ability for surviving in the woods. (Fianna PB x1)

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:

Killed a few Human Hunters during his first change


  • Father - "Red Guard" - Killed in Combat with group of Black Spiral Dancers, himself killing multiple before falling.
  • Mother - "Den Keeper" - Currently resides at pack home.
  • Mate - "White Paw" - Currently resides at pack home.




Player: Elios
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