Yukio Kurosawa


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Notable Traits

  • Wears glasses
  • Has a white knit cap with a Domo patch
  • Usually always in his school uniform
  • Carries a backpack covered with various Anime and J-Pop, J-Rock band patches
  • Three appearance traits (Magnetic)

Yukio appears to be a teenage boy, about fifteen years old. He's about 5'1", and has a rather thin build to him. Clearly not a fighter of any sort. He's usually seen wearing a uniform not unlike those seen on school children in the downtown 'Chinatown' district of Vancouver. Olive green with polished white buttons and sneakers. He wears his hat at all times, with a sewn on Domo patch (See image), and carries withhim, at all times, his backpack, which is filled with all manner of things ranging from notebooks, text books, snacks, and drinks.


==Information known to the Nation==

Yukio was apparently sent to Vancouver by his unnamed Sempai from Osaka Japan. He stays at the Chinese Garden, and actually works there on the days he is off from school. Yukio attends a private school in Vancouver's Chinatown district, and is one of the top in his class. He's a brilliant young man, who strives to impress his peers. He's been seen around the Veil's Edge Sept on occasion, even befriending the Glasswalker Haley. Some could venture to say he's got a crush on her, as he's always giving her things.

Yukio was somehow involved with the Fleshcrafter in the city, and was brought to the sept to receive treatment from Victoria. Soon after, it was in the news that Yohiro, Gai, Yukio's mentor, was found dead. Yukio's been rather scarce since.

Kin / family

  • Reila - Close friend [Deceased]
  • Yohiro, Gai "Ojisan" - Mentor [Deceased]

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The Gazette - Reila


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