What Are Spirits

Spirits are children of Gaia who have been stripped of their bodies, or who have never had bodies to begin with. Then the Gauntlet arose, it divided matter and spirit, and many beings retreated into the spirit world to be forgotten by humans. These fantastical beings come in many forms, for they are as varied as Imagination itself.

There are different categories of spirits and the following pages deal chiefly with those allied most closely with Gaia. These are the most primal of spirits, those who have changed little since Time began. Others of their kind, distant cousins, have evolved as the world has or have willed their own changes separate from deeds on Earth. These Umbrood are enigmatic beings, and most mortals' instincts no longer recognize them because they have changed so drastically; but most mortals do recognize Gaia spirits on some level, no matter how deeply buried in the unconscious. They all have an instinct for it.

These spirits are closely allied with Nature, and exist in the MIddle Umbra, the natural Umbra (Some call it the first Umbra). They are animal powers, plant powers, and elemental powers. They still act like the world is young, and they expect humans to keep their ancient pacts, even if the humans have forgotten these pacts. If a human kills a spirit without singing thanks, it can have dire repercussions. A pact has been broken, and the spirits will not allow that modern man did not know any better; ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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