Name: Vaila Edwards
Deed Names: Lure of Thelxiepeia, Phoebe's Daughter
Breed: Homid
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Black Furies

Physical Description / Notable Traits:

  • Her accent is Orcadian, that being from the Isles of Orkney, near Scotland.
  • Vaila has silver markings along her arms and shoulders, showing glyphs of Luna, specifically Phoebe the Trickster, and the Furies themselves. They appear mundane, except in the umbra, where they shimmer lightly with moonlight.

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:

  • She is extremely protective of her older sister Kirrell.
  • The Moon seems to have an effect on her, depending on the phase. She can be downright nasty sometimes, and others, giddy and nearly manic with excess energy.
  • Vaila is a member of the Amazons of Diana
  • Sister of Kirrell Edwards


  • Vaila paid for University with naughty pin up pictures.
  • She's a spy for the Inner Calyx.
  • Vaila once ate man flesh during a thrall frenzy. It's said that drove her a little mad.
  • She is possessed by a Lune. That's why she's so entirely strange.
  • Kirrell's in the condition she is because Vaila nearly beat her to death once. The arthritis is a cover story.


  • "Mess with my sister and I'll crack your head like a watermelon! What? No! Good Goddess man! I don't eat brains, what kind of monster do you take me for?!"
  • "Good, bad, I'm the girl with the bow. …is that too much?"
  • "Eenie, meenie, miney… Oh I'll just take 'em all on!"
  • "Allow me to give you a History lesson… What?! Scars ARE history! …sorta."
  • "I don't get how Xena has the breath to flip around like that and still go 'Yiyiyiyiyi!' all the time. Trust me, I tried!"
  • "Aye, yes.. whatever. Lunatic. I get it. Ha ha. Yes, I am one. I'm crazy. UTTERLY MAD! AAARRGHHH! …why do they always run?"


  • "Sisters" — Irving Berlin
  • "Orinoco Flow" — Enya
  • "Seven Seas of Rhye" — Queen
  • "The Moon" — Red Sky
  • "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" — Drowning Pool
  • "They're Coming to Take me Away" — Napoleon XIV
  • "Giant" — Melissa Etheridge

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