All spirits primarily dwell in the Umbra, although a few lie dormant in the physical world, hidden away in fetishes or bound to sites. We cannot understand spirits without understanding their world. The Umbra co-exists with the physical world, but it also extends far beyond the world's boundaries.

There are several layers to the umbra. The Periphery touches the physidal world. In the Periphery, we can feel movements of the spirits on the other side of the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet separates the physical world from the rest of the Umbra. The Penumbra coexists with the earth and contains direct spiritual representation of almost every physical object. The Near Umbra encompasses known Spirit realms, such as the 13 Greater Realms. The Membrane separates the Near Umbra from the Deep Umbra. The Deep Umbra is a mysterious place which is home to the Triat.

Spirits are accustomed to surviving in the Umbra. In many ways, living in the umbra is like being a fish in the ocean. The waters are vast. There are caves, underwater mountains, and coral reefs, analogous to domains and realms, but if a predator finds you in the open waters, there's nowhere to hide. Food floats everywhere around, in the form of ephemera and lesser spirits, just like a soup of plankton fills the oceans. The Umbra's currents change continuously, making it necessary to find the proper airt, or spirit path, to reach a destination. The static nature and relative safety of the physical world confuses many spirits.

Many of us, especially those of the homid breed, look at the umbra as something of a fantasy realm, a place that isn't quite as real as the physical world. This mindset, strengthened by the Weaver's Barrier between the Umbra and Earth, takes years to break. The Umbra is as real as the physical world, and in the War of the Apocalypse, the battles which rage across the Umbra may be more important than those on this side of the Gauntlet. in order to understand spirits you must envision earth as the fantasy world and the Umbra as the ultimate reality. That is the mindset of most spirits.

These statements are broad generalizations, and Garou should rely on their OWN experances with the Umbra. Visiting a spirits habitat is the best way to learn about that spirits life. Spirits, like animals, all have their own ways of surviving the Umbra. There are more spirits than anyone knows, at least, one for each living being, including plants. Most of the spirits Garou will deal with on friendly terms are members of Gaia's brood. All of Gaia's spirits share certain characteristics.

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