The Veil's Edge

August 29th, 2008. The Sept of Veil’s Edge, sister sept of the Deep Cove falls in the night.
When the veil of darkness is chased away by the coming of dawn, the sept lay in ruin,
the taint of the Corruptor thick across the entirety of the bawn.
The Sept of Deep Cove sent their eldest ragabash, a scout, who returned, harrowed,
to report that of the 50 Uktena and Kinfolk that once populated the bawn, none remained,
corpses testament to their fate.

The sept of Deep Cove had not the resources to spare for a full-scale reclamation,
knowing that if they lost too many in such an attempt, their own sept would be vulnerable itself.
So they waited, watched, gathered information on the Spirals who had overtaken Veil’s Edge
so that when they sent word for help, they would have a plan.

But they never had a chance to send for word, a small pack of garou, consisting of Connor and Drea Ryan,
Frank Castle, Samuel Garrison, and Shawna O’Reilley, passing through the area heard of the fallen sept,
and jumped at the task, taking with them a few strong garou from Deep Cove, and a small band of Fae,
and acting on the information gathered. On October 12th, 2008,
In the night, much as the spirals had overtaken Veil’s Edge, this small group of garou took the sept back.
In the battle, they lost only one of their numbers, Shawna O’Reilley.
However, they scattered the spiral force, several groups of spirals even took to fleeing off into the park itself,
disappearing into the hills and forests before they could be properly tracked.

Veil’s Edge was cleansed of taint, and brought back to the arms of Gaia,
Connor Ryan took over as Alpha, Drea as Beta, and with the aid of their small group,
they began to rebuild the sept, preparing it to, once more, be habitable.

In the nearly eight months between October and June, 2009 the Sept has been,
for the most part, restored, and it is now that they call out for friends, family, and any garou who might feel inclined,
to help populate the bawn, and protect the sept from being taken again.
Veil’s Edge will prosper only if its borders can be manned, it’s spirits appeased,
and the darkness that is the ever-lingering spiral threat held at bay.

Will Veil’s Edge survive? This remains to be seen.

Since the recovery of the sept by the pack known as Wyrm Underhoof, much as occured. There are rumors of
vampires in the city, Hunters on the streets, and vile creatures of the Wrym lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.

Better yet, the spirits whisper of not one, but two of Gaia's warriors, both of the Fenrir, returned from the dead
to continue their battle against the Wyrm. Both residing at the Veil's Edge….

What is it about this sept that draws greatness, in both Gaia, and The Corrupter? Do they know something the
rest of the nation does not?

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