Slumbering Spirits

Spirits spend the majority of their existence in Slumber. They become like Ephemera, the inert spiritual which composes the structure of the Umbra. Theurges have awakened spirits by expending their own spiritual energy into the environment around them. The active spirits that travelers encounter are only a small portion of the true number of entities in the Umbra.

During Slumber, the primary essences of Gaias spirits merge with Gaia's consciousness. In many ways, their spirit bodies become inactive and actual spirits temporarily rejoin Gaia. After the time spent as part of the Celestine, which is much like our dreaming, spirits reawaken renewed and revitalized. Slumber is one of the major ways in which spirits sustain themselves.

As the Apocalypse nears, a greater number of Gaia's spirits fade into Slumber. As the Wyrm and Weaver sap Gaia's strength, as her animal childre die out and the humans forsake her, the amount of Gnosis in the world diminishes. Without Gnosis to reawaken them, Gaia's spirits become lifeless and forgotten ephemera. Spirits are dying. Weather this is because Gaia cannot restore all of her brood to awareness, or because slumbering spirits are calcified by the Pattern Web, or devoured by the Wyrm's unknown. No one, spirit or Garou, claims to understand the exact reasons. We only know that the Apocalypse is coming. For all of Gaia's brood, maintaining enough Gnosis to survive is the order of the day.

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