• Sieg
  • Sieggy
  • Sieggy-poo
  • Any dumb combination of Sieg, and/or pet name thereof.

He definitely has pure breed, but whatever Tribe it relates to hasn't been seen in some time, it gives off a strong feeling to those familiar with the Get of Fenris, but not quite.



Notable Traits

  • 5 Appearance related traits, but seems a bit Eerie.
  • When he actually bothers to take off his shirt, his body is heavily marred with many runes, the Futhark to be precise.

Sieghard seems all around typical for someone his age, looking to be in his mid-twenties with a bit of wear and tear around the edges, like he's seen a bit and done a few things. He stands about six-feet tall with long golden tresses pulled back and dropping to his mid-back, a few thicker braids hanging from his temples and to the back of his head. His face is a bit more trim, with a good bit of a beard that hangs down to his sternum, kept nice and neat and a few braids within it as well. He always seems to be wearing some sort of band t-shirt, and a pair of what many would call 'bondage pants'.
==Information known to the Nation==
Sieghard is a rarity in the nation's archives. He simply does not exist in the known records.
For some reason, if it isn't his name that sets people on edge, it's his presence, as all the septs he has been to have outright turned him down and sent him away.
Very little else is known of him, he's merely within Vancouver and does little else than find a reason to get into bars, and get into a bit of rough and tumble all in jest.

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