Character Notes


Name: Inayah Sadat, "Sheshet"

Lineage: Bubasti

Pryio: Daylight

Rank: Tilau

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits

  • Sheshet has an eerie, almost unblinking stare.
  • She is most comfortable in luxurious surroundings, but a fascinating puzzle will find her gliding effortlessly into the least choice, most uncomfortable terrain for answers.
  • Like most cats, she seems to know a great deal. What she actually knows, however, is anyone's best guess. This know-it-all nature comes across quite vividly in her proud attitude, which promises much, but reveals little.
  • Sheshet is Egyptian by birth.
  • She is strangely well-bred for a Bubasti

Information known to the Bastet

Kin / family

  • Her entire family lives in Khem, and she will not stay long outside that realm herself.

Rites and Challenges





  • Sheshet is an infernalist magician, working in concert with a demon that has promised her all the knowledge she could hope for.
  • Sheshet is part of a secret organization of very powerful Bastet. With but a thought, she can mark you for death.
  • Give her catnip, and she'll love you forever.
  • While not infernal, Sheshet is a sorceress. Magic comes to her much like breathing.
  • Her family comes from a long line of royal Sorcerers, traced through the servants of Pharoahs.
  • She'd sell out her own family for a good secret.
  • It is said she has been sent from Khem on a fact finding mission. As to what, exactly, she is spying on… That's entirely conjecture.


"I'm sorry, was that *your* magical artifact? Of *course* I'll return it… Presently.." *FLEE*

"Perhaps you have me confused with another Sheshet, the one with time to pander."

"We have a love/hate relationship with Sheshet. Hate to need her help, hate her snobbery, hate her… Hm.. right. Maybe hate-hate. Of course, she's still too useful to make disappear. Hate that too!!!"

"Secrets? I don't know what you mean. Oh, by the by, any time you want to come crawling to me for mercy…"

"Pish-posh on *sun* bathing. Now it's MOON bathing… that's ALL the rage."


"Stray Cat Strut" — Stray Cats

"Magical Mr. Mistoffeles" — Cats

"Hall of the Mountain Kings" — Edvard Grieg


"Indiana Jones Theme" — John Williams

"Black Magic Woman" — Santana

OOC Information

Player Katie "KT" Faulkner

Location Denver, CO

Contact info moc.liamg|lagrehtehw#moc.liamg|lagrehtehw

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