Sept Hall



Common Area

When entering the sept hall, the first place one enters, is the mudroom, with hooks for coats, jackets, hats and the like, and mats for scraping mud from boots. Beyond the mudroom is the Common Area. The large stone fireplace heats the whole of the area nicely, as well as offering light. The furniture in the common area is comfortable, and rustic, offering an almost homey feeling to the room.

Beyond the Common area, is the dining room, and a large wooden staircase that leads to the upper level of the hall.


Dining Room

The Dining room can comfortably seat up to fourty five people at a time, between the four seater tables, and the hand full of booths along the west wall. At the south end of the dining room, is the entrance to the kitchen, with a back door leading outside. The kitchen is equipped with high end comercial grade appliances, with Dinner being the only communal meal served.

Inhabitants of the sept are expected to cook their own morning and afternoon meals, and are allowed access to everything in the kitchen, which is kept well stocked.

Food supplies come in monthly, and those who run the kitchen, accept requests to be added to the shipments.


The Nook

Affectionately refered to as the Nook, is a space above the Common area with a handful of comfortable chairs used mainly as a quiet place to relax, or read, as there is a small collection of books on a shelf here. The Nook overlooks the Common area, and is situated on a sturdy balcony made of dark wood.

From the Nook, you can access the Meeting Room.


Meeting Room

The meeting room, jokingly refered to as the War Room, is situated above the dining room. The room itself takes up nearly half of the upper level, and is made of thick sturdy wood, in addition to being soundproof. Inside you can hear nothing happening out, and outside, you can hear nothing from within. It is a windowless room, lit only with lanterns, and the occasional Faerie Light. The meeting room also serves a secondary purpose.

Challenge Circle.

Being perfectly squared, the center portion of the floor is an indent, the outer portion of the room a good foot and a half higher than the center. Should a challenge arise, the Challenger and the Challenged are encouraged to use the room to settle their differences, with or without an audiance, depending on the Master of Challenges.

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