Name: Alabastor Rothschild
Breed: Human
Tribe: N/A

Physical Description / Notable Traits:

  • App 4
  • Sex Appeal
  • Surreal Quality

Alabastor appears to be about 37 years old, with dark, carefully trimmed hair and a light beard and mustache. Normally he can be seen wearing a suit and shades. There's something about him that makes people sit up and notice him, but nobody can put their fingers on just what it is, exactly.

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:
Alabastor Rothschild is the CEO of RothsTech Industries, and has recently moved back into the Vancouver area. Rothschild is known to have a keen mind for business and technology. A recent profile of him appearing in the papers notes that he was a Vancouver native, and then went to MIT to do work in engineering. He has since branched out into other areas, including computers and science technology.

In the business world, he is known for a keen mind, aggressive negotiating tactics, and has a reputation for even taking his setbacks in stride.

The buzzword blurb of the corporate mission statement reads: RothsTech Industries is thoroughly committed to the improvement of society through the application of creative and innovative technologies to face the problems of tomorrow.



  • "I am not a weapons manufacturer. I am a guidance system manufacturer. If the military wants to stick those guidence systems in cruise missiles when they're delivered, well, that's their business."
  • "Huh. Wish I'd known that earlier. Oh well, time for plan B."


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