Rites and Gifts

So, you want to learn a gift, huh?

Well, there's a few ways you can go about doing that here at VE.

  • Find yourself a Theurge, who can, but doesn't have to, speak to a spirit on your behalf. Just because someone's a Theurge, does not mean they are obligated to petition the spirit for you. Choose wisely.
  • Feel free to ask the spirit yourself. Spirit Lore 1 says that if you're not a Theurge, you're likely going to piss off the spirit… so that may not be the best idea. Vengeful spirits are a dangerous thing in the Wyld.
  • All else fails, you can ask another Garou to teach you the gift. Spirit Lore 2 says this is an extremely bad idea for the learner, but not the teacher. If you go about it this way, it will take you thirty calender days to learn, and you will need ST approval, and this MUST be RP'd out, with logs sent to the STs.

So you want to learn some Rites?

What you will need…

  • ST Approval (By far, the easiest thing to get)
  • A teacher
  • The ability Rituals at the required level to Use, (1-2 for basic, 3-4 for intermediate, 5 for Advanced.)

Basic rites take at least 10 minutes to complete, 30 minutes for intermediate, and one hour for Advanced. Minor rites take 2-5 minutes.

Minor rites take only three days, with logged RP and/or Downtimes sent in to the STs.

Basic rites, take a Week, with Logged RP AND Downtimes sent in to the STs.

Intermediate rites take three weeks, as well as logged RP, and Downtimes.

Advanced rites take Five weeks, Logged RP, Downtimes, AND ST approval.

TO learn a rite, the student must have at least one level of Rituals for Basic, two for Intermediate, and three for Advanced. This is just for LEARNING. See the previous statement about USING Above.

Characters can ATTEMPT to enact rites they've participated in, or witnessed.

If attempting a rite they've participated in, the challenges involved suffer a three trait penalty and cost twice the normal Gnosis required. The character must WIN, not TIE the toss. No Retest. Loss of the toss my have some unexpected backlash, so beware…

If attempting a rite they've Witnessed, but not participated in, the challenges involved suffer a FIVE, yes, FIVE trait penalty, and cost double the Gnosis usually required, plus one. The Character MUST win the toss. Ties do not count. No retest. Loss of this test WILL result in a loss of Wisdom. Attempt at your own risk.

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