Peony Silent Voice


Peony Silent Voice, Voice of the Umbra, Strength of Purity


Children of Gaia







Notable Traits

Peony has visible scarring on her face and arms.
Peony generally chooses to sign when in the company of those who understand her. When she speaks she does so slowly and brokenly, stumbling over the words and sometimes completely incoherent.
Those who know Peony well will know she has seizures triggered by bright light or very stressful moments


==Information known to the Nation==

Peony is a tall, willow-slim native american woman, with a thick braid of black hair and dark eyes which almost look through things rather than at them. For those who observe closely - she looks at their face, but not to their eyes, her gaze wandering. Her skin is marked with faded scars. She generally wears grass-stained jeans and a simple smock with large pockets sewn into the front. Around her neck hangs a pendant of small carved wooden beads in a circle, spelling the name Peony, and bearing glyphs for Child of Gaia, Metis, Theurge and Adren. In the centre are two more glyphs, "Silent Voice." Peony does not seem to have many possessions, having arrived with a single rucksack; but she has brought many seeds.

Peony was born into the Uktena, not the Children of Gaia. She has no pure breed to either tribe, but a strongly native american appearance.

Peony lives in one of the outermost cabins, which has become more of a herbalist's store, a healer's ward, a shaman's tent and a woodworker's den than anything else. Around it is planted a growing herb garden.

Kin / family

Mother: Nahimana Mystery's Gate, Sings in Mother's Darkness, Adren Galliard of the Uktena, homid.

Rites and Challenges

"I was told by the theurge I challenged, Greets Dawn with Wisdom, to learn a secret worthy of telling the totem of my protectorate, and if it was accepted by Uktena, then he would recognise me as fostern.

I took my time, it must be said. I had duties, and the autumn harvest was upon us. In the end, I found the secret almost by accident, for I discovered in my roamings to gather the berries, mushrooms, nuts and meadowsweet of autumn, a den. The spirits said a wolf dwelt within it, yet I watched it curiously for three days and saw none. None of the berry bushes or nut trees I gathered from were touched, and the rivers nearby were plentiful with fish… as though nothing were there. In the end, carrying berries and fish to distract any creature I angered, I entered the den.

No living wolf was there, nor had been for the lives of any of my ancestors whose names were still known… But there had been once. What I learnt of in that den was a rite long forgotten; from an ancient spirit who had once spied on a tribe that no longer existed. I took back the secret, which I told only to Uktena."

"I served my teachers, as one who expected always to be the pupil. It was a surprise indeed to be asked one day by Greets Dawn with Wisdom if I was ever going to pass on what I had learned, and begin to prepare to be adren. He had his eyes on a new cub, a boy with a scarred face and a sour temper, and a great deal of arrogance, and he had fixed it in his head that this cub would learn best from me. I had made many spirit bargains by this time, fought in more battles, learnt many more rites and healed many more sept-mates. He could not set me another challenge, but he was as wily as a ragabash, and before I knew it, his ambitions for me found me with a challenge, to train and pass this boy through his rite of passage.

I did not do it for the challenge. Perhaps that says that I should not be adren. I did it for the boy, and that because I found him one day, sitting amongst the shavings of my carving, flicking them at the birds as though they were crumbs, and smiling. I was very angry, to see him torment things so, and I asked him why he did it. He told me that life had given him nothing that was good yet.

I did not understand this answer, and I mused upon it for several days. When we met again, I asked him, would he let me show him the things that I knew were good in the world, were worth fighting for. He shrugged to me, and said in a bored tone, "okay, why not?". Greets Dawn with Wisdom watched, and smiled.

My teaching was not skilled. There were many times, I think that both I and my pupil, Ohiya, did not find it a pleasant task. Many times I stood without words to say as he shouted at me, and many times he taunted me as stupid and blind to the world. Yet by the end of the year, he said to me that I never shouted back, though I did not hide my horror at his behaviour. I never gave up on him, like others did. He became cliath, and I became adren."


== Rumors ==

Peony was mute for several years.
Peony is *still* mute.
Peony's deaf.
Peony's mother has fallen to the wyrm.
Peony has known harano.
Peony's scars came from a spirit.

== Quotes ==

"I do not understand…."


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