North Shore

The North shore streches from Howe sound to the west, Burrard inlet to the south, Indian arm to the east and the Coast mountain range to the north. The cities of West Vancouver and North Vancouver combine with the district of North Vancouver for jurisdiction. It has 3 ski-hills, Cypress, Grouse and Seymour mountains. The height gain from Burrard inlet to the top of the mountains is some of the steepest in the world, and makes for majestic views looking at the mountains or from them. The terrain is so difficult north of the mountains that there are Zero (0) people living in the valleys north of the ski hills. The area is very popular with the large mountain biking population, who call the incredibly steep terrain "technical". West Vancouver has very expensive properties, with the "british properties" being the most expensive in Canada. North Vancouver is more blue collar.

Seymour Mountain in West Vancouver has probably the best snow conditions of the 3 local mountains, and also has an excellent set of cross country trails and the wonderful Hollyburn Lodge.

Ambleside beach is a great south facing beach with a nice boardwalk and good restaurants. If you aren't tired of stanley park, english bay, vancouver beaches, this would complete the circuit of Vancouver beaches.

Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver is called the "Peak" of vancouver for good reason. A tram ride up takes people to the best views in the city on a clear day or night. In addition to skiing/snowboarding, there is a skating rink. In the summer, wonderful hikes at the top are available as well as excellent animal shows like the "birds of prey" and the "Grizzley rehab pen". Also has the difficult "Grouse Grind", a 1km vertical hike that is marketed as "nature's stairmaster".

Deep Cove is a well-rained on community at the far eastern edge. It makes for a great kayak starting point to explore up Indian Arm.

Lynn Canyon at the North end of North Vancouver provides amazing walking and rollerblading trails.

Seymour mountain to the east of Lynn Canyon has the best snowshoeing trails of the 3 mountains.

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