Masami Arakaki

Name: Masami Arakai
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Black Fury

Physical Description / Notable Traits:

  • 5 App Traits
  • One Eye
  • Masami is a young, attractive Japanese-woman, who tends to move with grace and precision, though she holds herself with a distance and aloofness.

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:
Masami is a young woman, originally from Japan though her family tended to move a lot due to her father being in the diplomatic service. Her left eye is missing and made of glass, which she says is the result of having lost it in a fight. She doesn't like to give details of it, however. Additionally, she is known to perform as a professional dancer of several types of dance, though not specializing in any one.

She speaks both Japanese and Chinese fluently, and her name means "Become Beautiful" in Japanese.


  • Her glass eye is either a fetish, or something she wants to make into a Fetish


Meiko Kaji - The Flower of Carnage
Kill Bill Soundtrack - Battle Without Honor or Humanity

Player: Kaarin
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