Marissa Evans

Marissa Evans


Notable Traits

  • 4 App related Traits
  • Resembles a Vampire
  • Always wearing a black leather HIM jacket
  • Rarely if ever shows much skin
  • Sharpened Cainines
  • Scar just below her belly Button
  • Scaring on her arms, both along wrists and over the tops of her forearms, typical of a cutter.
  • Small Barcode Tattooed just above her wrist on the underside of her left arm
  • Large Heartagram Butterfly Tattoo on her back, spanning across both shoulder blades

Marissa is a young woman, easily in her early twenties, just old enough in appearance to slide by without getting carded in the local bars. Her hair is long and black though her roots are decidedly blonde, falling in waves to her shoulders, and bright icy blue eyes. Typically seen wearing simple snug jeans, black chucks, a long sleeve shirt, and a black leather jacket sporting HIM in silver lettering on the back. Her canines appear to be a bit sharper than normally found in humans, but not quite as sharp as to be expected from a Vampire.

==Information known to the Nation==

No one is quite sure who Marissa is, or where she came from. She's been seen lately bar hopping in Vancouver, ranging from the upscale bars to the lowly dives of the poorer districts.

Kin / family

== Rumors ==

  • She's a vampire

== Quotes ==

  • Who's to say he didn't get off with you know, getting sucked on like a juicy juice!

Nickleback - Burn It To The Ground
Jack Off Jill - Fear of Dying
Jack Off Jill - Underjoyed
Paramore - Use Somebody - Kings of Leon Cover

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