• Aylen (Middle)
  • Maka (Left)
  • Tiponi (Right)


  • Pumonca Kin


  • Aylen - Twilight
  • Maka - Daylight
  • Tiponi - Night


  • Kittens


  • Puma

Notable Traits

  • Aylen - Aylen has darker cub markings on her fur, and is notably smaller than her brothers, easily picked as the runt of the litter.
  • Maka - Maka was born with curious green eyes, and the fur about his neck is a bit shaggier than that of his brother and sister. It could also be said that Maka is the chubby one of the trio, notably heavier than either his brother or sister.
  • Tiponi - Tiponi was born with sky blue eyes, which have yet to darken, and his fur is silky and smooth, almost the perfect specimen for a Puma cub. He is also leaner than his brother, but a bit larger than his sister.


==Information known to the Nation==
The kittens were born following an attack on Dakota by a wild, or assumed wild Lynx in the mountains, on October 16th.

Kin / family

  • Dakota - Mother
  • Xavier - Addoptive Father

Rites and Challenges


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