Keeley Valencia Jayna Ryan

None, but displays strong Children of Gaia Pure Breed

Born under a Crescent moon

Pre change cub


Notable Traits

  • Two goat-like horns
  • cloven hooves
  • partial club-footed hoof on the left side
  • Appears to have a pure breed of 3 from the Children of Gaia Tribe
  • Appears to be about eleven years old.
  • Has a Monkey Puzzle fetish, that was made special for her by Shawna, her parents' old packmate.

==Information known to the Nation==

  • Born on April 19th, under a Cresent Moon
  • She's treated like any other child by Drea and Connor.
  • Dislikes angry Garou, but seems alright with Garou with High Rage.
  • Understands Several spoken languages, but doesn't speak much, if at all.

Kin / family

  • Andrea Ryan, Mother
  • Connor Ryan, Father

== Rumors ==

  • Keeley is the Spawn of Satan
  • She eats raw meat to grow up big and strong
  • Has been to the umbra, several times
  • She's a Wyrm Magnet.
  • She's really a Satyr and not a Metis at all.
  • She's mute
  • She's allowed to run wild on the sept because she's simply Feral, and can not be tamed.

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