Jocelyn Constantin Konietzko

Name: Jocelyn Annalise Constanin Konietzko

Tribe: Shadowlords

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits: 4 app. traits. Shadowlord pure breed of 3. Upclose, the left side of her face is scarred with one long jagged claw mark from brow to over her cheek. Along the lower cheek, running down her neck to her shoulder are burn scars with more patches of them about her torso, stomach, and legs. She and her mother looks oddly the same..

==Information known to the Nation==
* Arrived just after the arrival of her mother and brother to the sept before the Hive dive event. She kept herself within Shadowcrest Manor for a few days before allowing herself to be seen about the areas of the sept as she started to map out the lay of the place in her mind.
* Recently became the mate to Anatole Konietzko
* There is abit known about her ability to shift to whatever animal that she wishes…to help aid the nation as she sees fit.

Kin / family
* Mother: Anastasia ""Shadow's Wyld Song, Whispers in Twilight, Luna's Dark Voice" Adren of the Nation under a Gibbous Moon of the Shadowlords, born of woman
* Father:(Adopted) Josif Constantin, "Ashen Tongue, Shadows-the-Lore-Surppasses-the-Teacher, Luna's Void, Hacks-the-Dark-Realms, Venomous-Shadows, Athro of the Nation under a Crescent Moon of the Shadowlords, born of woman
* Brother: Anton-Leonid Constantin, "Gaia's Inkblot, Shadowed-Soul" Fostern of the Nation under a No moon of the Shadowlords, born of shame
* Mate: Anatole Konietzko, "Song and Dance, Bringer of the Thunder" Fostern of the Nation under a Gibbous Moon of the Shadowlords, born of woman
* Son: Xander Konietzko, born under a , almost 8 years old when New Years 2010 comes


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