House Rules

Just a few changes from the usual, and some game rulings:

  • Lores are free at first and second level, so long as the character has learned ICly, the pertinent info. Logs will be required, and, once more, x1 and x2 will be free to purchase if logs are produced. x3 and above will require both RP *and* experience spent.
  • Despite being in Pacific Standard Timezone, game time will be kept track of by Eastern Standard Time, for mutual convenience of players and STs.
  • If there is no Listed retest for a gift or ability in the book, the default retest will always be occult. An ST may also suggest a separate Retest ability provided it makes sense to the use of the gift. These will almost always be determined on the spot, and may later be added to this page for reference.

Gift Alterations

It's common knowledge that the Gifts in the book don't always make sence. Some will be altered by STs to smooth out game flow. Below you will find those such gifts.

  • Babel's Cure - The Bastet gift, Babel's Cure, is no longer a round dependent gift. By expending a point of gnosis, the gift may remain active for an entire scene, or untill the Bastet cancels the Gift, which ever comes first.

Table Top Conversions
We all know there's some nifty powers and things out there from the Table Top version of the game. So say you want one, but there's not MET equivilent? Grab an ST, poke them gently, and they might just convert it to be compatible with MET rules. Below you will find those conversions, listed seperately on their own pages. These conversions will be added too as they are converted to MET, so check back often! You'll find the name of the Book it's from, and page the original can be found as well.

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