Honeybee Centre


Honeyee Centre's beekeeping operation is centered around pollination of local crops in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and the production of a number of natural varieties of honey for sale in our Country Store. We have grown to be the largest provider of honeybee colonies for blueberry pollination in British Columbia. Our bees also pollinate raspberries, pumpkin, squash, kiwis, apples, cranberries, currents, strawberries, and blackberries.

We provide support for the beekeeping community through sales of beekeeping equipment, particularly for hobbyists, small commercial operators, and people just starting out. We also supply bee livestock, whether packages from New Zealand in the early spring, queens from Hawaii, or local nucleus colonies and queens. Our beekeeping services include honey extraction, honey filtering and bottling, hive inspections, and beekeeping courses & seminars.

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