Haley Anderson

Name: Haley Anderson
Deed Names: Valkyrie of Sound, Culls the Leeches
Breed: Homid
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Glass Walker

Physical Description / Notable Traits:

  • Appearance 7 (Gorgeous 3, Magnetic, Elegant, Alluring 2)
  • Is usually wearing a USB jack with a jewel-decked, stainless steel cockroach on it as a necklace if it's not in her computer.
  • In her human form, Haley is a short, slightly tanned woman in her mid-twenties with long, dark hair that can't really be determined between the black and the brown. She has a thin, sturdy frame and piercing brown eyes that go well with her hard, but elegant, facial features. She'll generally be wearing jeans and a shit and jacket, or failing that, something leather.
  • In her Lupus, Haley is a large, imposing, black wolf with sharp blue eyes. Her fur has traces of some other colors, but the black is clearly predominant. Her body is large, lean, and muscular, obviously in top form.

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:


  • Haley is infertile, explaining her lack of a mate or children.
  • Haley is actually a Silent Strider, but identifies as a Glass Walker so nobody looks twice at her technology usage.
  • Haley is actually a Black Fury trying to quietly accomplish the tribe's goals in the cities and among other tribes.
  • Haley is actually a Lupus playing at a Homid to avoid any sort of special treatment in her tribe and is able to hide it on account of being a Metamorph.


  • "No‚Ķbut she's going to have to pay up." - On being ogled.


Player: Alex
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