Freyja Ulffersdotter

  • Eyes of Silver
  • Fights the Past
  • Valkyrie’s Honor


  • Get of Fenris


  • Ahroun


  • Adren


  • Homid

Notable Traits

  • Blonde hair with Silver Highlights
  • Silver Eyes
  • Beginings of a healthy tan
  • Get of Fenris Purebreed x4
  • 9 Appearance Related Traits

She is a beautiful woman with a sturdy brawlers build to her, though her movements have a sort of grace to them. She carries herself with intent and pride, almost as though she were nobility. She stands at a rather impressive 5'8". Her pale blonde hair falls to her waist in waves, and her features reveal very high pure breeding in her background. She seems to favor snug jeans, simple shoes, and t-shirts, all which offer a wide range of movement. Mercury eyes take in her surroundings with an intense gaze, but her features are soft and friendly. She appears quite approachable.

Her shifted forms stray from the norm. As opposed to the gray fur traditional of the tribe, her's is a silvery white, which may be attributed to her ties to Moira and the moon.


==Information known to the Nation==

Freyja was first spotted on the Moon in the Aetherial realm when Castle, Vaila, and Tyler went to seek answers over the Lune activity and their inability to access the umbra. Freyja, then hidden beneath a cowl, gave them the answers they sought.

Castle, not content with just those answers, lingered and discovered Freyja's true identity.

After another group, consisting of Castle, Vaila, Egon, Xavier, Haley and Marie recovered the stones as Freyja had tasked them, there was a brilliant light show, and Freyja was amongst the living once again.

The longer she was among the living, the more her spirituality seemed to fade, and her pure breeding began to show through.

It's rumored that she was attacked in the woods by the Blood Warrior, but she has neither confirmed this, nor denied it.

However, during the waxing cresent moon, when the crimson halo first made itself apparent, Freyja was lured to the lake by unseen forces, and wisked away to god only knows. Castle snapped, attacking the then, unknown Incarna, and he was too, drawn away from the bawn.

Upon their return, Freyja had no memory of who she is, or was, or anyone else on the bawn. All she remembered was her name.

Upon being left alone with Castle by Xavier, Freyja was seen several days later, apparently with memory intact.

At the end of August, several of the sept witnessed Freyja shift to Crinos. It was later discovered that she's pregnant, presumably with Castle's child.

She traveled with a number of the sept to go and 'tend' to the issues on the moon. Castle died that day, and she didn't return with the others. She opted to stay behind and resume her place in Luna's Court, and finish what she had began some time ago.

On October 28th, Freyja and Castle both returned to the sept, and shortly after being welcomed back, Freyja gave birth to two healthy twins, a boy, Keir, and a girl, Bodil. The father is assumably Castle, however, the children are healthy and homid.

Kin / family

  • Frank Castle - Mate?
  • Bodil and Keir - Children

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==

  • She's been dead for over a decade.
  • She's an agent of the Wyrm
  • She's a doppleganger
  • She is the last remaining non tainted member of the White Howler tribe.

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