Down Times and Experience Gain

Experience Points will be given at the rate of 2xp a week, assuming you attend game that week.

If you don't attend game, you get no XP.

If there is no game, you still get the XP because we like you.

2xp a week = 8xp a month, not much, so here are some awesome options for you:

Participate in non-game night plotness, earn bonus xp.

Send in weekly downtimes and earn 1-3xp each based on the depth of the downtime report.

Downtimes are *not* required, as in other games. Rather, if you don't send in a downtime, or at the very least, speak with us over PM, we will assume your PC does nothing interesting during the week, sticking with patrols, watch, eating, sleeping, and shitting.

All in all, that leaves you earning a minimum of 8xp a month, up to a potential maximum of, say 20+xp.

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