Empathic Healing

Empathic Healing (MET Conversion)

This ability is both beautiful in it's own way and quite dangerous to it's practitioner. The healer, in effect, joins her mind and body with that of the sick or injured subject. She then absorbs his hurts into her own body, where they heal normally. Healers can even repair the most horrible aggravated wounds, which makes such practitioners quite valuable among Kin and Werewolves alike. The drawback is, of course, that it may take months before the healer is able to function after using her powers. Usually the healer will have an assistant or friend who can watch over her during the healing process. Most practitioners push themselves past their own limits in using this power to help others. Though gifts such as mother's touch can help them recover more quickly. Each level of empathetic healing requires a minimum of three successes (Social test, difficulty dependent on power used) Retest with Empathy or Medicine. Must be in physical contact with the injured, a test may be required for someone who doesn't wish to be healed.

-Basic- 3xp per

  • Soothe the Spirit : The healer absobs minor bruises, simple depression, and grief. She can heal damage of the Bashing sort, her own body recoveres in about a day per bashing healed. Difficulty 7
  • Knit Flesh : (Must possess Sooth the Spirit) The psychic can heal deep cuts and stop blood loss; Lethal damage. It takes about a week for the psychic to heal per Lethal healed. Difficulty 8

-Intermediate- 6xp per

  • Mend Bones : (Must possess both Basic Gifts) This gift will heal broken bones and agg. If left to heal on their own, it will take the psychic a month per agg healed to recover fully. Will also heal bones once properly set with an additional test (Mental, retest Medicine) Difficulty 9

-Advanced- 12xp per

  • Pacify Madness : (Must possess all previous gifts) Only the most able psychics even reach this level of training, for it requires strict mental discipline and great courage. (Max mental traits: 11), Empathy Ability at 4 or more, the merit Concentration, additional Static Test vs. Target's Mental . The healer actually absorbs the most severe forms of Mental Illness (Including Harano) into her own mind and falls into the same state of psychosis she alleviates in her patient. Some healers never recover; that the least, it usually takes many many months of rest. Initial Difficulty 10.
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