Elisa Helsing

Name Elisa Helsing
Tribe Get of Fenris

Breed Kinfolk

Notable Traits
Pure Breed: 3, Fame x5. Member of the Canadian Women's National Hockey Team. Favorite pick for the 2010 Olympic Team.

==Information known to the Nation==

Member of the Canadian Women's National Hockey Team.

Made her fame starting in an under-18 division in Ottawa where she grew up. Coming from a large family, 4 brothers…she didn't have much choice…it was hockey or home ec.

Turns out she was a natural for hockey and made a name quick.

She's been home-schooled her entire life since half her brothers and her pops are garou.

She never got a chance to play college level hockey, since the national team recruited her when she was 18.

21 now, she is favored on the list of players to make up the 2010 Vancouver Games, Women's Hockey Team.

Now she balances online college courses as well as juggling through the different causes that ask her to be a spokeswoman..all while preparing for the games.

The team just moved to Vancouver to begin final training before the Olympic team is finalized.

Helsing, though kin to the Fenrir, never really spent much time on her home sept.

The locals encouraged her career because they felt she was the ultimate role model.

Now she is in a new city and needs to introduce herself to a new sept.

Kin / family
Family back in Ottawa. Mom and Dad, 4 Brothers. Her father and 2 brothers are Garou.

Rites and Challenges


~Castle works fast, and already got Helsing into his bed.~


Lennon - No One Knows

==OOC Information==

Player Michelle Jackson

Location Down in Mississippi and Up to No Good!

Contact info E-mail: moc.liamg|82anairoM#moc.liamg|82anairoM

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