Garou need spirits and spirits need garou. Garou need the spirits' lore of gifts while the spirits need the garou's might to protect them or even give them material homes for a while (Fetishes). But there is no across the board rule for dealing with them. They can be a fickle bunch, and they certainly aren't easy to classify. For instance, one might want to say that all of Wendigo's brood are a cold and dangerous lot. But Wolverine can be a great pal to gulp some beers back with, and Mosquito can provide quite a lot of gossip, just don't get them pissed off.

Each spirit has it's own asking price, or Chiminage. This is what it wants in return for it's aid or lore. If they don't get it, you don't get their ait. It's that simple. No wonder elders get bent out of shape when they find out that young Garou cubs are insulting revered spirits, causing them to threaten to leave the Caern. it's usually the cubs, of course, who have to trudge off into the Umbra, seeking whatever object the spirit wants in return for burying the hatchet. And if they don't return with it, the elder my make it clear that they shouldn't come back at all.

All this is meant to get the point across that spirits aren't there to provide every whim a Garou desires. They are hard fought friendships which can too easily go sour. Power is not an easy thing to achieve, and spirits are not going to go and give it to anyone who walks off the Moon Path asking for it. In other words, Garou have a lot of hard work ahead of them. If it's not fighting the Wyrm, it's having tea with those gossipy Rat Sisters.

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