Dakota Moreno

  • Leaps Before She Looks





Notable Traits

  • 7 Appearance related traits
  • Enchanting voice
  • Friendly face
  • Deep scarring on her left hip visible in forms other than Homid
  • Slight limp when in Homid
  • Vicious looking scar on her back that appears roughly the shape of a bird


==Information known to the Nation==

The only publicly known information about Dakota, is that she is the Cougar responsible not only for the dear carcasses found on the bawn, but she was also involved in the initial reclaiming of the Sept.

She *was* Spliting a cabin with Anatole. She's been staying in the Alpha's cabin in Connor's ansence, and has been seen lurking about the cabin still yet, and on occasion, talking to the Alpha and Beta's daughter, Keeley.

She has often been spotted in her feline form, patroling the Bawn's edges both alone, and with the Sept Beta, Andrea.

It's become nearly public knowledge that she can heal others… but she can only do it by licking someone.

She's been seen spending a lot of time with the Metis Xavier.

She's much quieter than usual, and tends to lose her attention to the wind.

Rumor has it she's Mated to the Metis Xavier.

She's… what's this? Had kittens?! Three to be exact.

Kin / family

  • Brother - Whereabouts unknown
  • Grandmother - Whereabouts unknown but in contact
  • Kits (3) - Aylen, Maka, and Tiponi
  • Xavier - Mate

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==


== Quotes ==

  • " Horse play, cat and mouse, roll in the hay, foreplay. Drag some string… I'm game for anything really."

Lennon - Where Do I Fit In?
Consolidated Feat. Yeastie Girlz - You Suck
Smile Empty Soul - Disease
Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece of Heaven
Kaci Battaglia - Can't Help Myself
Hilary Duff - Reach Out
Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better

==OOC Information==

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