Current City News

MURDER SPREE: Police are continuing to look for someone they have taken to calling the "Taxidermy killer" for the finding of skinned, mangled animal parts. There has been one human body, recently identified as that of Yohiro Gai, the Caretaker of the Yat Sen Chinese Garden.

ENTREPENUER: The famed (Fame x4) entrepenuer, Alabastor Rothschild, has recently completed a move to the Vancouver area. Rothschild is known for his innovative approach to technical problems, and is the CEO and Director of RothsTech Industries. Rothschild makes no secret of the fact that he is moving his personal office, not his corporate headquarters, to "return home at last." The company is based is New York City.

FBI HUNTING CRIMINAL: A hacker known only as "Neuromancer" is reputed to be potentially hiding in the city. Neuromancer, a known fugitve from the states, has brought agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in America to the country, including Special Affairs Division agents Derek Price and Cally Jones.

VINNY DAMIEN DISAPPEARS: Gang leader Vinny "The Wop" Damien, known for his crime spree several months ago, has disappeared. Police are aware only of an apparant rival gang hit on Vinny's turf, after which, the hotheaded gang leader seems to have disappeared

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