Common Courtesy And Rules

What's this, a rules page on the wiki? Oh my, whatever for?

Well, we'll tell you what for. Basicly these are the codes and conduct we expect everyone to follow, ST and player alike, be it here on the Wiki, on the Yahoo page, or in the mIRC Channels. These rules are not targeted at any one particular person, but just as a precaution, we have these, and no one is to say they didn't know. That is simply no excuse.

Wiki Rules

  • No Edits by non Staff members of the Wiki can be made to NPC pages without prior approval.
  • Try not to edit other Player's PC pages without permission.
  • Do not add slanderous rumors to PC pages unless giving specific approval from that PC's Player.
  • All Images must be tasteful and have no nudity. Skimpy bikini's are okay, but no frontal, or rear, nudity please.
  • If you decide to leave the game, or if your PC dies, please do not delete the page, as it may be used as reference for other players.

MIRC Rules

  • Please keep IC IC, and OOC OOC. If you have a problem with a player, take it to them privately in PM. If that does not resolve the issue, please refrain from being mean in the OOC room to them. There is an ignore function for a reason. However, if you RP with them, turn that function off, or simply leave the Scene.
  • Anyone speaking slanderously about another Player's PC in the OOC will immediately be kicked from the OOC Room. We simply will not tolerate it. You may discuss a scene in progress, or speak to other players about their PCs, but if Sue Is talking about how much of an asshole Billy's PC is, and he takes offense, that's grounds for a Kick. Discuss the how or why, but don't talk trash people. We're all adults here.
  • If you have a problem with an ST call, or a Narrator decision, take it to them via PM, or e-mail. Be polite, or nothing will be resolved. If any ST is approached by someone with a less than neutral attitude, that's grounds for something not so nice to happen, including, but not limited to, a short ban from play. We want people to have fun, so don't make that hard for us to achieve.
  • We understand that not everyone likes the way someone else runs things. However, you must bear in mind, the ST's are spending their time and energy into running a game they, and players, hopefully enjoy. Harassment of an ST for whatever reason is grounds for XP docking, or banning from play. We abide by the Golden Rule. I.E. ST's have final say on gifts, rites, game play, and anything else involved in the functionality of the game. If you have an issue, as above, bring it to the ST privately. ST call is final.
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