Character Creation

So you want to make a PC for Veil's Edge? Easy enough, just follow the steps below and you should have a PC in no time!

Veil's Edge uses the following XP granting:
  • Kinfolk: +65 XP with Gnosis OR Numina, not both. Openings are Limited - Talk with ST
  • Rank 0, The Cub: +20 XP Not accepting at this Time
  • Rank 1, the Cliath: +65 XP and receive Garou and Tribe Lore x1
  • Rank 2, the Fostern: +75 XP and receive Garou and Tribe Lore x2
  • Rank 3, the Adren: +85 XP and receive Garou and Tribe Lore x3 Openings are Limited
  • Rank 4, the Athro: +85 XP and recieve Garou and Tribe Lore x4 Not accepting at this Time

  1. Select Concept, Breed, Tribe, Auspice.
  2. Spend Attribute Points, 7 in Primary, 5 in Secondary, and 3 in Tertiary.
  3. Spend Ability and Background Points (5 each). Note at this point you also get your free lores*.
  4. Select your Gnosis (Determined by Breed), Rage (Determined by Auspice) and Willpower (Determined by Tribe). Select your 3 Basic Gifts, one each from Tribe, Breed and Auspice lists.
  5. Spend your 5 Merit points, and take any Merits, Flaws, and Negative Traits you wish at this point. Merits and Flaws are each capped at 7, and Negative Traits at 5**.
  6. Spend the additional experience points granted per your rank.

We currently are no longer accepting Glasswalkers

Openings for Fera of any sort are limited. You MUST speak with Amanda before even considering one.

For Kinfolk, use base creation from Laws of the Hunt, red book, instead.

  • *For your lores, we'll allow just about anything, but should you have something wonky, suchs as Kindred, Wyrm, Mage, Mummy, things of those nature, you MUST have a detailed explanation of how it was obtained, or it will be removed from your sheet.
  • **On a case by case basis, you may be allowed more than the stated capped maximum of Flaws, Merits, and Negative Traits. If you feel you are the exception, please contact one of the STs with a good explanation as to why you deserve said exception.

We prefer that you use GrapeVine to create your sheet, and you may send the GEX to Amanda for easy Sheet tracking.

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