Chance Holson

Name - Chance Holson

Tribe - Get of Fenris

Auspice - -na-

Rank - Kinfolk

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits

  • Gorgeous x2, Magnetic x3, Seductive x2
  • Surreal Quality
  • Pure Breed x3 Get of Fenris
  • Her brilliantly coloured hair
  • A couple facial piercings
  • Fame x2 - Bassist
  • Several tattoos on various parts of her body

Tattoo on back of Neck
Tattoo on Right Shoulder
Tattoo on Chest
Tattoo on Right Arm
Tattoo on Left Arm
Tattoo on Right Wrist
Tattoo on Hands
Tattoo on Right Hip
Tattoos on Legs and Feet

==Information known to the Nation==
Chance is a small and rather delicate looking young woman. She is roughly 5’2 and has a trim and lithe body. Her hair is a brilliant pink and her eyes are a dark brown.
Chance tends to favor causal clothing and is typically found in jeans and black t-shirts. She has several facial piercings as well as her navel pierced. There are also quite a few tattoos that adorn her body.


Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==

Alibi - Johnny Hollow
Bad Girlfriend - Theory of a Deadman
Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink
Forever or Never - Cinema Bizarre
I Get Around - Dragonette
It's All Over - Three Days Grace
Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
Not Listening – Papa Roach
Numb – Linkin Park
Pain – Three Days Grace
Pin-Up - Evans Blue
Prayer – Disturbed
Shallow - Poets of the Fall
Sober - Pink
Somewhere I Belong – Linkin Park

==OOC Information==
Player: Alia Story
Location: London, ON - Canada
Contact info: moc.liamg|nosnikrap.aila#moc.liamg|nosnikrap.aila

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