Caleigh Marshall

Name: Caleigh Marshall
Also Known as: Cay
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Fianna

Physical Description / Notable Traits:
Caleigh has bright red hair that is shorn close to her head, almost as though someone took a knife to her hair. It is uneven, but what is there looks to have the start of a curl to it. She has piercing green eyes that are nearly almost down-cast and pale skin with a dusting of freckles. She stands 5'6, but is often slouched over. She is overly thin, but oftentimes attempts to hide herself in a heavy coat or a sweatshirt. She is skittish and slightly feral, un-trusting and still terrified of her new surroundings.

She is a beautiful woman (5 app traits) with obvious Fianna pure breed (x2). She has various scarring covering her body, though she attempts to keep most of it covered.

Caleigh wakes up nightly with screaming nightmares. Anyone who tries to approach her will get attacked while she is in this state, her hands and feet flailing as she tries to fight off would-be attackers. Those who live close to Kirrell's cabin likely have heard her at night, letting out bloodcurdling screams.

Common Knowledge Among the Nation:
Caleigh showed up on the edge of the bawn on 12/26. She was covered in blood and bruises, and in a near state of shock. She was able to divulge that she had come from a hive, and that she was taken to the hive from a sept, but very little else is known. Her mind seems to be some what muddled.

*She did not escape from the Hive, she was sent here to spy on the Gaian Garou.


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