Caern Heart

The Caern Heart is accessible via the Umbra, or an underwater cavern in Lake Elsay which is guarded by Enigma Spirits.

The cavern itself is nothing spectacular, but what rests in the center of the cavern, on a mound of River rock, is a polished stone slab, with various Native American carvings covering the whole of it, mingled in with Traditional Garou Glyphs depicting 'Purity', 'Gaia', 'Chimera', 'Wisdom', and 'Truth'. What the stone is made of is a mystery in and of itself. It is polished smooth, and appears to be a dark stone, but it also shimmers with a soft light, ever changing in hues. If it's the actual stone itself, or the umbra bleeding through the gauntlet is anyone's true guess, as the two are so closely knit within the cavern.

The Cavern itself was clearly carved out over the years by an underground river, that still runs, with a decently strong current, around the farthest edges of the cavern. Following the current and the River's course will take one out to Lake Elsay itself.

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