This Page will be constantly updated with public knowledge of goings on at the Sept, and in the city.

Park News

  • The ownership of the Mt. Seymour Provincial park has passed hands. Contrary to abounding rumors, the park is not scheduled for deforestation. On the contrary, the new owners, who wish to remain anonymous at this time, have released the following statement

—- "I know some of you might be wondering why we would go out of our way to invest in, and start programs in, seemingly the middle of nowhere. With the economy in the state it is, this will develop jobs, and Skills people can take, and apply elsewhere. We also have plans in the works to start a Junior Ranger program for young teens to get them aware of the environment, and it's impact on everyday life.

  • At the park entrance, there are flyers cautioning Visitors that the Lake Elsay trail is highly dangerous at this time, and hikers are advised to stay off the trail. Listed on the new park map in the main building, are marked spots around Lake Elsay and the trail leading there, of Cougars. One confirmed, possibly more, or at the very least, cubs. Park employees are advised to exercise caution when using the trail, and are prompted to arm themselves with issued tranquilizers.

Sept News

  • Posted in the hall in the scrawl typical of Sam, is the following, "Cat's been tamed. Let's not tell the mundanes."
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